BCS Marino Road RV Park

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Pet Policy

If your pet doesn't do this,

or this;

then you have to do this!

1) Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot accept any  breeds, such as Pit Bulls, Chows, Mastiffs,

Doberman, Rottweilers, Wolf-mixes and Malamutes or any combination of dog that includes these


Yes, we know most pets, of these breeds, are loving and friendly pets, but our insurance carrier excludes them from our insurance policy, therefore we must also exclude them

2)   Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and you must be holding the other end of that leash. Do not tie pets to hookups or trees. Do not let them dig holes.

3)   No dogs can be left unattended outdoors, either leashed or penned.

4)   Please be a good neighbor and keep your pet from excessive barking or other behaviors may be

annoying or offensive to your neighbors.

5)   To enable us to keep our pet friendly policy, it is necessary for you to clean up after your pet and

dispose of any pet discharge in proper containers. Bags are available at each pet walking area.

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